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TV of Suo Ni high end is wonderful! Successive 7 high end appear on the market
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Study according to what institute of southern negotiable securities offers data shows: 2003, the market total sales of high-end TV and total sales volume are compared respectively go up year of growth 87% with 106.3% . 2004 1-10 month, the back with the largest cardinal number in market of TV of Chinese high end casts TV to realize sales volume 544 thousand, grew 44.4% compared to the same period; The sale situation of flat TV is very hopeful also, grow the fastest liquid crystal TV and plasma TV sales volume also grow substantially, market demand already formed dimensions stage by stage. And forecast according to authoritative orgnaization, future inside 5 years, the sale of market of TV of Chinese high end will maintain rapid growth, 2004-2008 year year all compound increase rate will be achieved 57% .

Can see from this, big screen and fast picture quality remain the focal point that consumer pays close attention to.

Accompany impetus of this kind of good progress, wonderful confused shows market of year old of TV of end high end this year. Each manufacturer is tasted newly ceaseless, the celebrity of TV industry alls alone the Buddhist nun also is to weigh boxing frequency to go out, successive TV of 7 high end is tasted newly appear on the market, the TV market that is climax happen frequently was added more wonderful, loot the limelight of the market. 7 products include 42 inches / 50 inches / 60 inches liquid crystal back casts TV KF-WE42M1/50M1/60M1, KLV-MR32M2/MV32 of 32 inches liquid crystal TV mixes 50 inches when exceed big screen / 60 inches plasma TV KE-MR50/61, the product complied with the tendency that at present the market grows not only, and fund fund is wonderful, all expert lives absolutely.

Among them, back of liquid crystal of series of aurora of brilliant of ” of “ Gui Xiang casts TV to use 3 type WXGA liquid crystal board is become like face plate of technical liquid crystal, resolution is as high as 3.28 1 million like element (1386x788X3) , this makes the picture reachs the top level in congener product character, achieve colour nature, picture is bright, video and meticulous, the picture effect with rich administrative levels.

Suo Ni KLV-MR32M2/MV32 suits deck sitting room as a result of the exterior of its reasonable dimension and delicate grace, lead newest consumption fashionable tide. Fashionable evil spirit uses curvilinear design, its concise and fluent exterior can match the bedroom style with different user, KLV-MR32M2/MV32 makes the window that lives in a decoration.

The filter of 3D number pectination that TV KE-MR50/61 deployed plasma to be able to reduce string of color and stain and 3D number fall function of a confusion of voices. Filter of 3D number pectination can from transverse, fore-and-aft and diagonally direction raises a picture to pledge, make object outline clearer, have stereo feeling more. Exceed big screen to bring the view with the broader person that view and admire and outstanding picture to pledge.
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