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Devoid lead makes heat of sales promotion of 107H6 of flying benefit Pu Xinpin s
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In April, spring breeze is vernal. 107H6 of flying benefit riverside brings the pleased sense that is like Mu Chunfeng for you. Since this day, 107H6 of high-quality goods of 6 series CRT spreads out flying benefit riverside activity of sales promotion of spring heating power, now not only can indulgence price buys this video, organic still meeting is obtained give value 188 yuan fashionable waist pack. The appearance of dignified elegance, whole journey does not have lead workmanship, outstanding and superior indication performance, in Yu Xinjian of essence of “ of flying benefit riverside at form ” brand-new concept of research and development is driven below, 107H6 can give you transcendental and free from vulgarity sense surely!

107H6 of flying benefit riverside

Fashionable exterior: Beautiful Lun Meihuan all stops eye ground

107H6 CRT monitor uses flying benefit riverside the streamline exterior design of thin always body, for the user managing more desktop spaces. In video screen lower part, 107H6 designs single button distinctly, can adjust easily the parameter of monitor, look concise and easy, very grave. Differ with traditional CRT monitor, the screen of this type is square Founder no longer, undertook in edge part part soft line is handled however, make full screen appears fashionable and lightsome, give a person the sense of kind harmony. Dash forward showed to fly the product industry with benefit outstanding riverside designs a style.

Advocate without lead: The whole world is gotten run 18 months

Of the degree as people OA rise ceaselessly, prevent plumbic excess effectively or the topic that lead poisoning is science not just, and the issue that becomes video industry and consumer care. Well-known, lead is great to the person's harm, absorb plumbic excessive to be able to cause human body anemia, appear have a headache, swimmy, lack of power, Mondayish wait for a symptom, especially to office gens character, the equipment of the office that contain lead that makes monitor of in order to is a delegate for a long time can appear decline of inappetence, audition, insomnia is forgetful wait for a phenomenon. Advocate ” of high grade new life with “ all along and celebrated Europe is in this respect is banner whole world more one pace. Not long ago, the European Union passes new law, ask all IT products cannot not have lead the latest to make at full in July 2006 implementation behindhand, will prohibit be sold inside European Union area and be being used otherwise. As a manufacturer of old brand IT of celebrated Europe, flying benefit riverside here the respect is do one's best more.
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