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1080P high-definition clear! 32 inches of 16:9Picture tube TV appears on the mar
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Review current domestic TV market, the flat TV product such as TV of liquid crystal, plasma, DLP is flooding the market, at the same time its screen uses 16:9 mostlyParagraph screen is designed, use design of this kind of proportional screen and person eye to suit to having close relationship at watching the picture of wide screen, look to compare the CRT TV market with these flat TV more mature technologies again nevertheless, use 16:9The product of the design does not see more however, technical doorsill and screen cut technology are in the development that restricting product of TV of wide screen CRT, but be in in recent years the manufactures a technology promotion as domestic TV company, more and more homebred wide screen TV appears in the market.

Landed brand panda is at present afterwards achieves the pusher of the TV manufacturer such as dimension, long rainbow to give 16:9The another home company of wide screen TV, the model of this TV is 32HD68, 32 inches picture dimension although do not calculate,go up to most family big, but also used quite.

32HD68 can support arrive from 480P a variety of high-definition picture formats of 1080P, screen resolution is highest for 1024*768, the “ trends that TV place contains stores technical ” can achieve an appearance calm case and put slow, enjoy the picture that oneself like carefully, and the impetuous point that the ADDNR technology that this TV place uses can drop TV appearance effectively, make a picture more exquisite.

Be affected this one common fault easily in the light of CRT TV by earthly magnetic field, panda 32HD68 contains automatic degauss function, thereby effective affect the picture because of terrestrial magnetism and produce the possibility with lack fidelity geometry to fall to lowest, at the same time its bring theater, music, news, memory oneself mode of effect of 4 kinds of sound, sound shows scene.

Although panda ascends personally at amount to not much successful ground 16:9TV of wide screen CRT introduces to the domestic manufacturer of the market, but go up in the exterior industry design of the product or show an immature place, if the product designs floriferous dot idea to meet in the exterior,believe the attention that can draw customer more, at present 4690 yuan indulgence price looks or provide sexual price to compare quite with respect to this TV nevertheless.

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