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2004Year11Month11Day Shanghai—— Suo Ni (China) limited company announces to be rolled out ceremoniously to Chinese market inside ” of engine of buy “ Gui Xiang (WEGA Engine) back of Suo Ni liquid crystal delivers a product. This Suo Ni rolls out 42 inches in Chinese market, 50 inches, 60 inches 3 kinds of type, aim to be pursuit to draw qualitative consumer bigger screen, higher to offer perfect visual perception to suffer, prove to industry further thereby, the high-tech that regards TV as the industry gets the person that run, suo Ni will continue to put a technology on the TV product with highest content of the bannerest, science and technology in Chinese market, bring for Chinese user consummate view and admire an experience.


Appear on the market date

Referenced price (RMB)


At the beginning of December 2004

Wait for calm


In November 2004

27900 yuan

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