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Honest cannot again cheap 5 1199 yuan 19 吋 liquid crystal
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Last week the face plate of DisplaySearch quotes in, the phenomenon of U.S. dollor of 8-10 of plumper of face plate of all fronts liquid crystal is really astonishing. And in the face plate price in 15-22 吋 , 19 吋 wide screen depreciates range is the biggest, those who be as high as 10 U.S. dollors fall what can see its shipment pressure is big and the appearance that requests for be more than. And in market of domestic terminal LCD, likewise cool shipment volume lets occurrence collapse of price of 19 吋 wide screen dish phenomenon. A price sells in this week in, the low of most high sales volume 19 吋 wide screen in succession exposure gives the value that is not worth 1200 yuan, at the same time this also is …… of quoted price of minimum of history of 19 吋 wide screen

After the value of 19 吋 wide screen in brand of a gleam of plunges substantially, 1300 yuan of the following 19 吋 wide screen are already no wonder, be in nevertheless 1200 yuan of the following 19 吋 wide screen, do not know a few you had seen again? Under the pressure that measures in shipment, m99 of wide screen of below Great Wall banner 19 吋 has left with 1199 yuan price nowadays sold! New price has kept balance with the price of 17 吋 wide screen of many brands almost, sexual price is compared be different from common really.

Honest cannot again cheap

Honest cannot again cheap Honest cannot again cheap

Honest cannot again cheap

M99 and M97 be subordinate to belong to sales volume type, so its still locate low price market, the norms of M99 also does not have what change, still use 1000:1Contrast and 5ms whole journey answer the face plate of time, and deployed D-SUB interface only likewise. The improvement with the biggest M99 still is on the exterior, the slight frame of 11mm is his the place of most bright look, compare the M97 nowadays more be able to bear or endure look a few.
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