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Highest fall amount to 300 yuan! This week is cruel 10 falling LCD
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Enter after May, although quote of upriver face plate rebounds continuously, but terminal market depreciates mediumly sound is incessant still Yu Er, the agent that has had many brands at present expresses, the LCD price May appears very hard rise trend. And from the point of actual condition, from 5.1 up to now LCD whole prices is remained firm in have fall, in each dimension low price LCD dived April in succession after sound foundation, upright model also has appeared in the part depreciate trend, narrowed further the price interval of product of different fixed position. Product of so called nowadays high end lasts very hard also on higher price, so near future high end is tasted newly relatively scarce, be willing to see the product does not sell his high end to give good value …… without the manufacturer after all

● newest quote: 1680 yuan

● diving extent: 300 yuan

● product characteristic: 8000:1Dynamic contrast, 2ms is grey rank answer time, 4:3/ 16:10 scale switch.

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Highest fall amount to 300 yuan! This week is cruel 10 falling LCD
SamSung 2053BW

SamSung 2053BW
[Referenced price] 1680 yuan
[Recommend a businessman] C4610 of store of E world electron (010-62682139) ; Vessel good 3860# (010-82696658)
[Quote inquires] quoted price of product of LCD of SamSung of LCD product quoted price

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