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Jing of 22 wide screen explodes 1599! This week is cruel 9 falling liquid crysta
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Each dimension LCDs in second line brand in succession after sound foundation, before intense rate is inferior to the price war of this week far a few weeks, beautiful nevertheless case, vast inspect surprise and Topview3 the brand still was aimed at 3 products to undertake moving price respectively in this week, depreciate in wide screen of two of beautiful case and Topview 22 吋 among them to 1600 yuan the following hind, next week the liquid crystal display of 22 吋 wide screen that probable meeting follow-up rolls out other brand to be not worth 1600 yuan likewise.

And a gleam of of this week brand criterion movement is not little, maintain 200-300 with the 22 吋 wide screen of type of level of introduction of second line brand all the time yuan this week moves the 22 吋 wide screen of price difference in succession valence, below the influence of shipment pressure, the 220SW quoted price that we see flying benefit Pu Xin appears on the market has been not worth 1800 yuan, samSung 2243BW leaves 1899 yuan of Yao that have one situation only, actor clique VX2240w also has depreciated 1860 yuan, and LG has activity of newest sales promotion on the weekend, it is reported quotes 1999 yuan 2242T falls very likely all the time 1799 yuan!

● newest price: 1599 yuan

● depreciates extent: 100 yuan

● item characteristics: Freeboard sex price is compared

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Jing of 22 wide screen explodes 1599! This week is cruel 9 falling liquid crystal

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