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Tall comparative wide colour gamut 22 吋 wide screen heats up 10 high end Jian
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Editor's note Depreciate, depreciate again, depreciate ceaselessly, market of LCD of nearly a few months depreciates unendingly most propbably invites broad customer become very happy in the heart, the link with actually intense competition appears in lowest to carry LCD body, high end 24 inches and the product of 24 inches of above did not depreciate, connect high end even LCD of 22 inches of wide screen seldom also appears depreciating circumstance, accordingly, although mainstream market falls sound, but for the consumer of LCD of the high end in be being had to wanting, the relation is not so big. However, all these is in SamSung is peerlessly beautiful of T220 guide under happened a series of change, we see …… together

Parameter of SamSung T220—— top class norms, absolutely beautiful industry is designed, price of 2380 yuan of sexes compares freeboard

The faithful reader of channel of hubble-bubble net LCD can discover the possibility, many prices reports collect my channel at home Beijing of —— of famous shopping website east store (360buy) , as a result of the characteristic of channel, beijing east numerous product line owns the store definite price advantage, for instance SamSung the most top class Beijing of LCD——T220 of 22 inches of wide screen east make work only 2459 yuan.

Congener most ictus! SamSung top class 22 wide blood fall to 2380
SamSung is peerlessly beautiful 20000:1Special offer of village of dynamic contrast ——T220 2380 yuan

A few days ago, zhongGuanCun fastens wonderful monitor businessman to make 2380 yuan acme special offer in the light of SamSung T220 with hubble-bubble gateway, this also is SamSung the lowest price on T220 history, very outstanding to index of a function, at the same time industry is designed for LCD of 22 supereminent inches of wide screen, such price allure is pretty is big, after all this also is current SamSung LCD of 22 the most top class inches of wide screen.

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