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Highest cruel fall 20 thousand 5! The monitor of 10 mad diving
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In the quoted price of LCD face plate that offers in DisplaySearch, rise in little May scope two weeks face plate price has restored smooth, do not cross this to hinder greatly to already was not being had for the terminal LCD market of near future home, since depreciating substantially from March after all, the LCD price of terminal market had not rebounded, still tend plus the market May cool, the possibility that the price rebounds is almost 0, predict the LCD price June falls not to go up only as before.

Highest cruel fall 20 thousand 5! The monitor of 10 mad diving

As the arrival June, the sales promotion activity that many brands in terminal market traded in January also has given heat in succession, actor clique is aimed at 16, 17, the activity that 19 吋 LCD gives colour draw a frame round freely has begun, and SamSung is aimed at the model such as high-end LCD 2253BW, 2232GW, T220, T220G, 245B blow activity of the sales promotion that blow card to also had given heat, rate of win a prize in a lottery of it is reported is 100% , the ready money that lowest also has 10 yuan several is returned return ……

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