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Fall cross the big screen LCD with the fiercest diving of 100 near futures entir
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As SamSung is new last week paragraph 24, T240 of 26 吋 wide screen, T260 with 2999 yuan, after 3499 yuan price exposure, the heat of the market changed bodies of these large size LCD again. Actually since since June, in price of small size wide screen in succession after sound foundation, the price change of the 22 吋 wide screen of higher-priced, 24 吋 wide screen and 26 吋 wide screen is not little, we fall to the near future now more than 100 yuan 22 reach liquid crystal display of above wide screen to have pool, the value that sees their near future goes situation.

● newest quote: 4500 yuan

● falls this month: 2000 yuan

● item characteristics: Face plate of MVA wide perspective, interface of chromatism of HDMI, AV, heft, 1:1Screen scale, the function is drawn in the picture, USB HUB, bracket can rise fall, base can rotate, screen but perpendicular show

Fall pass entirely 100

Near future price always shares 4 under LCD of 5000 yuan 24 吋 wide perspective, that is 2408WFP of 2407WFP-HC of LG L245WFP, Dai Er, Dai Er, bright base FP241W, among them FP241W of L245WFP He Mingji locates originally professional market, 5000 yuan are in after depreciating early or late the dominant position in wide screen of the following 24 吋 wide perspective is not small, especially colour expression is worth commend; And Dai Er two 24 wide red appear half the sky, supports Displayport port also is one of advantages.

After L245WP depreciates, many netizens oppugn antecedents of its supply of goods, the information that we get is this batch of L245WP come from LG monitor agent dispatch appropriate, enjoy defend salary character normally, ask broad consumer to be at ease so.

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