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Wide perspective 24 wide fall 2000! This week is cruel 9 falling LCD
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After seeing an end in succession as the price of small size LCD of high sales volume, the key of LCD of this Zhou Jiang price happens on body of large size LCD, among them most strong explode not belong to depreciate from 6499 yuan the LG L245WP to 4500 yuan, this locates the LCD of professional market fell to go up with the price of Dai Er 2408WFP nowadays originally, make not only amount of 24 吋 wide screen achieves 5000 yuan of the following wide perspectives 4, also let many users that take colour expression seriously have the opportunity that contacts its further.

Wide perspective 24 wide fall 2000! This week is cruel 9 falling LCD
The LCD face plate of DisplaySearch quoted on June 17,
Fall after a rise of price of mainstream face plate comes March level

Besides, samSung announces to be rolled out in this week 24, 26 吋 are peerlessly beautiful wide screen T240, T260, among them T240 already with 2999 yuan price direct low hits out, at the same time 2693HM of 26 吋 wide screen also depreciated 4000 yuan the following, and pass those who be T260 to appear on the market the price also hopeful altogethers under 4000 yuan of …… , as price war of small size LCD tired, to draw the look of more consumer, the price war of large size LCD also has performed ……

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