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All inadequacy 1300! 9 overflow 19 wide mad collect
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In greeted large dams definitely the price like the bank dies dish later, the price difference of the LCD is at a tremendous pace. Be in short 3, in two 4 month, 22 吋 wide screen can depreciate 1950 yuan from lowest lowest 1650 yuan, 20 吋 wide screen can depreciate from 1600 yuan 1399 yuan, and 17 吋 wide screen depreciates from 1500 yuan 1290 yuan. And in the 19 吋 wide screen with LCD highest sales volume, 1290 yuan price has been introductory class the standard price of 19 吋 wide screen, can be before two months, the speed dropping price that who can think of a LCD dies than the stock market dish, does the RMB appreciate fast still?

Rocket does not stop
Market price case went situation and analytic summary to click here please in May

Although the face plate quote of upriver channel has left,go up 3 weeks, but the LCD of domestic terminal market still rebounds feebly. In enter after May, the LCD is remained fall sound one, 1290 yuan 19 吋 wide screen can say nowadays is blossom everywhere, it is the model of brunt high sales volume of each brand absolutely. Although the brand of a gleam of of sortie is not at present much, but for user of low to more budget, the introductory form product of these big plants still has very appeal, 3 years protect character, low price, practical it is best to them explanation ……

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