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Fund fund all is LCD of 11 when high-quality goods is about to appear on the mar
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Since 8 years LCD price died March dish later, our near future sells in ZhongGuanCun what see on field is new article liquid crystal amount is quite limited, good in this kind after all product also does not sell the environment that gives good value to fall, be willing to roll out high end to be tasted newly energetically without the manufacturer. Hold the hearsay with face plate of upriver manufacturer rush to purchase to fly all over the sky as what rich of near future division meets however, we saw May partial family expenses is tasted newly again eventually rise to surface. After in connection the agent has gotten an information from partial way, it is reported we will be hopeful before July see 10 the following taste a LCD newly.

As 15.6 吋 wide screen come out in succession, the wide screen liquid crystal display of 1000 yuan of less than cannot be not reached in Yao, replacing CRT also is what tickler no longer. Nowadays in the market of Beijing, the amount of wide screen of 15.6 吋 吋 has achieved 3, include 1050-1099 among them yuan the actor clique VA1616w between and Acer X163w. Do not cross new 15.6 吋 wide screen is about to appear on the market with 999 yuan price, that is HKC S1616.

Fund fund all is high-quality goods
HKC S1616

Fund fund all is high-quality goods

In light of the product plan that offers from HKC official net and product fixed position, the exterior design of S1616 is very fashionable still, the design most propbably of casing of the tie-in and adscititious Qi Bian that bake meets red black color attract many customer, plus its not the price of common, most propbably can be in market of small size wide screen is quite welcome. On product standards, because face plate of 15.6 吋 wide screen has surprise beautiful cut only at present, so basic with the product as good as that makes work now, pass 1500:1 neverthelesscontrast is tagged on make clear, HKC S1616 uses dynamic contrast technology.

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