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Lowest also falls 300 yuan of big screen LCD of 8 mad diving
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The horizontal sky as wide screen of wide screen of 999 yuan of 17 吋 , 1199 yuan of 19 吋 is born, liquid crystal display of wide screen of introductory class small size initiated new price record again, also left competitive room for large size LCD at the same time. Go up in the market of the near future then, we see 2999 yuan 28 吋 wide screen and 2499 yuan 24 吋 wide screen, be in gigantic after the value plunges, must say these large size LCDs provide a hotspot more, and after depreciating, become very amiable. Similar vast inspect strange HG281D, 2999 yuan are returned is numerous before half an year the position …… of defend to the last of 24 吋 wide screen

● diving falls: 2500 yuan

● newest quote: 2999 yuan

● product characteristic: 28 inches of wide screen, HDMI interface, inside buy sound box

All the time since, vast inspect surprising is one of person win out inside the industry. By right of its right level can inspect angle expression and substantial interface support, the economic effect of HG281D also is not met inferior how many. Have HDMI interface, perfect and compatible PS3, inside buy sound box and but outside receive earphone or sound box, support is completely high-definition vast inspect strange HG281D of 28 吋 wide screen already fell now reach 2999 yuan! Differ with the price of a lot of 24 wide screen very few lower even, fell madly 2500 multivariate, it is the number that a your person dare not believe really.

Lowest also falls 300 yuan
See it fall a true feel deeply ashamed making a person, good bloodcurdling Jew!

In the appraise through comparison that in ” of association of Taiwan “ foreign trade of all kinds to Taiwan consumable undertook last year, vast inspect strange HG281D to returned with one action to obtain the ” of award of “ Taiwan high-quality goods 2007, regretful nevertheless is his the price in inland or on the high side a few, be in especially 26, after general of 24 吋 wide screen falls.

Lowest also falls 300 yuan
HG281D shows with arriving in the round

Lowest also falls 300 yuan
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