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Lowest only 22 吋 wide LCD recommends 1600 yuan of 8 money high-quality goods
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Editor's note Enter oneself after March, mainstream LCD experienced another depreciate mad tide, LCD of a large number of 19 inches of wide screen fall nowadays to 1300 yuan under, LCD of 20 inches of wide screen falls to 1500 yuan under, also begin even LCD of 22 inches of wide screen to draw close toward 1600 yuan of price, and below all these or the circumstance that March liquid crystal face plate rises, must heave a sigh the intense rate that LCD field competes.

The word says, LCD of 19 inches of wide screen has become the standard of introductory class consumer to deploy nowadays, and ability meets the customer that has certain pursuit to LCD product decide look lock go up to body of 22 inches of wide screen, have many customer that woo large size LCD among them, also have many customer that woo the exterior and function, the article will recommend 8 omnibus price to be LCD of 22 ideal inches of wide screen quite for everybody, believe to be able to find LCD of 22 inches of when you want wide screen certainly among them, look together.

Old money of SamSung 2232GW —— is classical, appearance function can weighs top-ranking level

10000:1the ash of tall dynamic contrast, 2ms rank answer technology of coating of face of lens of time, Glare, obtain German IF to design award appearance, so conspicuous norms distinguishing feature models 2232GW became 7 years of most outstanding 22 吋 one of wide screen. Nevertheless as new fund of 8 years of SamSung of T220 of 22 吋 wide screen appear on the market, 2232GW is highest the aureola that carries type already retreat, subsequently and those who come also is this LCD reduces price ceaselessly. Be in 5.1 before, the author gets latest news, the lowermost price of 2232GW has been reduced reach 2399 yuan, this is the lowest price of throughout history 2232GW, quote is cheap still before comparing fully 200 yuan.

Fall eventually defeat 3000 yuan! SamSung is newest paragraph 22 wide depreciate
Have 10000:12232GW of 22 inches of of dynamic contrast technology wide screen

Fall eventually defeat 3000 yuan! SamSung is newest paragraph 22 wide depreciate
Key-press of SamSung 2232GW OSD

2232GW and 2232GW appearance are identical, a 3000:1 is merely on normsdynamic contrast heighten arrives 10000:1, go out in Magic Bright menu can switch gives this pattern, start 2ms likewise ash rank answers time also is the adjustment in SamSung in menu, adjust rise relatively relaxed.
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