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monitor fully armed LCD peripheral big collect
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Selling of late often hear a word, sell a product to be inferior to selling periphery. Such really, because the competition of popular electron product is unusual intense, it is so in this environment, product itself sells a good value very hard, especially PC, DC, mobile phone waits popular electronic product a moment. Then we often see this kind of phenomenon: It is OK to sell DC par goes out, but the most inferior camera bag also can sell give a few, match homebred batteries additionally to be able to sell piece 100 multivariate; Sell PSP to also need not earn money, but stick a film to want to spend 50 actually, a plastic protective box can sell more give hundreds yuan; PC circumjacent product is more such, begin from 2 years as electronic athletics hot, high-grade mouse mat also comes on stage in succession, before long together ordinary can sell a few yuan to get on 100 yuan even without strange cloth mat, peripheral of rat of a key deserves to come down fully nearly 1000 ……

What is curious and eccentric have! See a foreigner use what liquid crystal

The occurrence no more than of this kind of phenomenon is profit place hasten. And after be being activationed in the market of all sorts of peripheral, in the LCD all round, we can see not little similar product as much: Small wear to hanging greatly from clean cloth, there also are many businessmen to be in in the market sell these peripheral technically, and sale is very breathtaking still. Actually this kind of state also mixes the consumptive psychology of many consumer concerns: Product “ is big the money of ” was spent, want to have need only, 0 broken broken “ penny is ” still hated to part with?

monitor fully armed

Similar circumjacent product once also had reported before hubble-bubble net before actually, and combine the heat product previously this plus sell the new thing that appears in field to have pool, will see these “ again ordinary the dot of ” .

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