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SamSung takes the lead in falling madly 22 吋 wide LCD recommends 8 highest grad
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Editor's note Beyond question, the two measurement standards with the most fervent nowadays is 19 inches of wide screen and 22 inches of wide screen respectively. The point of view that measures from shipment sets out, LCD of 19 inches of wide screen is over get the better of LCD of 22 inches of wide screen; And set out from the angle of market appeal force, LCD of 22 inches of wide screen is over get the better of LCD of 19 inches of wide screen. When when 19 inches wide screen LCD makes introductory form product thoroughly, consumer is carried to be willing to be look lock surely on body of LCD of 22 inches of wide screen more in. The “ of total value trend of liquid crystal market drops drop endlessly ” , the heavy head brand that includes SamSung inside also the will hottest the LCD that sell falls to historical minimum price, we look together.

Design of SamSung T220—— industry is conspicuous, performance is excellent, house of market person energy of life does not fall high

Probably before a month, beijing east store 10 years during, samSung is peerlessly beautiful T220 the special offer sales promotion with 2199 yuan, but the price of this product in the market wanders in 2300 yuan all the time between. A few days ago, we visit the market to discover an agency the T220 of SamSung of price sales promotion with 2199 yuan, this also is T220 history lowest price.

SamSung gives heavy fist! High end 22 wide fall historical minimum price
SamSung is peerlessly beautiful LCD of 22 inches of T220 is a rare wide screen

Serve as SamSung 8 years advocate make a product, series of “ peerlessly beautiful ” used the “Tough Of Colour”— that is known as ” of fashion colour of “ international high end—TOC technology, adopt the measure to element of colour of infuse of organic glass material, cooperate black backboard to transfer, make have inside accumulate the colorific like flow Liu brilliant frame. The colour with 3 kinds of different meanings that TOC technology gifts: Ice is mellow variety of red, charm green, splash-ink is blue.

SamSung takes the lead in falling madly

Performance side, 20000:1the ash of dynamic contrast, 2ms rank answer time, 4:3/ 16:1Of 0 shrink put pattern, samSung T220 is on norms already very conspicuous, and those who serve as a product is the biggest sell a site, product standards far not as good as the detail design of its exterior is more absorbing. This product sales volume is at present better still, intended friend mights as well go selling look.
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