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Falling is 500 yuan of 12 a gleam of that the paragraph steeps fall 22 wide scre
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In light of the circumstance with in former years, march is a LCD a month with price lowest, highest first half of the year sales volume, often arrived after April, LCD price begins small to answer go up, the market also should tend cool. Nevertheless today when different former days, the price of the LCD since after depreciating March, also had not rebounded again, although the upriver face plate of 4-5 month quotes once small had risen 2 times, but terminal market is dropped not to go up only however by demand influence. Below the influence of stocks, the price of the LCD is in the 2nd quarter is bold and flowing, it is the brand of a gleam of that sells a site generally with the exterior and norms especially, the price of 22 吋 wide screen is more with highest nearly 500 yuan extent depreciates.

Falling is 500 yuan

Even if is such, such considerably depreciate to still did not have too apparent effect, current ZhongGuanCun sells the guest discharge of field to still want to drop than in former years many, the author also hears of sales volume of many monitor agency complaint gloomy. A the main chance is probably for this retail to more user nevertheless, before wanting to know one year 1700 yuan can be bought only 19 wide, and buy brand of a gleam of nowadays 22 wide also not be what tickler.

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