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Who to see rapid leap up is red! Near future person enrages 6 LCD that violent w
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The near future often say LCD, with respect to the new price that has to raise each model to break through a thousand li, will be answered back and forth said 3 many months, old bottle new alcoholic drink cliche, be afraid netizens see be bored with early. Apropos near future tastes liquid crystal newly little, what attention deserves in the market is new taste an amount unusually pitiful, but under the person that has kept before pick up again enrages pop chart, nevertheless seniority of this person energy of life did not consult the hit of library of hubble-bubble network product, combine offerred information according to numerous netizen and JS however, gibberish does not say ……

● person enrages a rank: The 6th

● pays close attention to reason: Of high-quality goods make, DMP technology is very good very powerful

● product sells a site: Do not open a PC to be able to see big, listen rock and roll, the graph that appreciate the beauty

Rise with 5 product comparing from the back, 2230Fm is absolutely posterity. Do not be born afterwards really it may be said, this word is used on 2230Fm body to also be divided nevertheless. Below the powerful support of AOC DMP technology, this can be read from inside mobile equipment directly take, the monitor that broadcasts phonic video documentation can be unprecedented.

Imagine: Need not open a PC, need not await self check, need not await endless Windows to read take, need not land the user, icon that need not await a desktop to go up to be shown in turn come, need not doubleclick mouse …… to store shift equipment is inserted to monitor directly however, the remote controller that lies in the hand is used directly on the bed broadcasts what just brought back from the company is big, be at ease!

Who to see rapid leap up is red! Near future person enrages 6 LCD that violent wind rises
2230Fm can broadcast the video file of AVI, RM, RMVB, WMV, DAT directly
The frequency file of MP3, WMA, WAV

Who to see rapid leap up is red! Near future person enrages 6 LCD that violent wind rises

Come so, the instantaneous leap up of 2230Fm is red not fathomless also, practical function and new technology brought up a dawdler special monitor …… not only the affiliation of interface of such, HDMI goes to the lavatory as much outside receive equipment, 20000:1dynamic contrast as much the exterior of the halfback, lacquer that bake does not break fashionable …… as much
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