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From most petty gain does not miss 6 times absolutely to wide perspective 24 wid
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Centre of gravity of factory of ● face plate is transferred, 16:1The 24 吋 liquid crystal of 0 is being changed in the brim, terminal product market begins clear library ……

Go after cut advantage to be changed in order to assure lowest of face plate cost as the manufacturer, 16:9the new trend that the LCD had made 8 years of second half of the year, and 16:1The 24 吋 of 0 are wide screen criterion already by gradually the brim is changed. At present majority of LCD of TN of wide screen of on market 24 吋 uses face plate of SamSung He Youda, and transfer as the centre of gravity of factory of these two face plate, 16:1The price of the 24 吋 wide screen of 0 also had new trend, that is clear goods is mixed depreciate.

And the situation that the 24 吋 wide screen of many wide perspective face plate also is facing quiet empty stock, make 24 吋 wide screen is in all fronts the price inside this half an year is reduced at full speed, what are 3000 yuan of less than new issue, because of the cheapest 24 吋 wide screen already under 2500 yuan ……

● is worth the reason of skill most: Price is the lowest

Depreciate before 3 months after reaching 2799 yuan, AOC 416V was become the 24 吋 of price lowest are wide at that time screen liquid crystal display, although do not have luxuriant mix outside the norms of enough stunt, 416V still attracted many customer by right of clear price advantage. And after 3 months pass nowadays, 416V was exposed to the sun to give 2480 yuan new low again, substantial price must let us the first recommends liquid crystal display of wide screen of this 24 吋 .

From the cheapest to wide perspective
AOC 416V

The brand of completely the screen dimension of 24 wide screen, high-definition resolution, a gleam of assures, after service of 3 years, 2480 yuan price can have gotten afore-mentioned 4 kinds assure, want to know to be before 3 months, the 22 吋 wide screen of brand of partial a gleam of also can not use 2480 yuan to buy …… certainly

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