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Recommend strongly to LCD of 10 thousand yuan of 6 wide colour gamut from 1000 y
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Wide colour gamut already became LCD to develop a tendency

If you are wrong,pay close attention to the word of LCD information, so you can discover certainly more and more taste LCD newly to have technology of wide colour gamut, from which we also can expect piece, wide colour gamut will be become 2008 one of development trends of LCD domain.

That after all what is wide colour gamut? Say strictly, do not have wide colour gamut at all actually this one concept, colour gamut is colour gamut, the colour gamut value of common LCD is in about 72% the left and right sides, to highlight a product to be able to show more rich color, distinguish with common LCD at the same time, just can have wide colour gamut so this says. Those who say is bit more intuitionistic, colour gamut is wider indication color is richer, can obtain more true color rendition finally.

Do 92% wide colour gamut have much ox? Wear 30 liquid crystal of Er new fund head measure
Can see from sketch map, adobe RGB can show than SRGB more is planted color
That is to say Aodbe RGB colour gamut should compare SRGB wider

Colour gamut is the method that has code to a kind of color, also point to the summation of the color that system of a technology can produce. In computer graph processing, colour gamut is a certain complete subclass of color. The application with color the commonnest subclass is to use accurate ground to represent a kind given circumstance. Accompany ” of “ colour gamut this one vocabulary, we often still can see ” of “ colour space (Color Space) this one noun, of colour space is the gather of all sorts of colour amounts that show some kind of indication equipment can be behaved, the more capacious, colour sort that can show jumps over colour space much, colour gamut range is bigger also.

As the elapse of time, products of more and more LCD of wide colour gamut had appeared on market, among them the cheapest do not cross 1899 yuan, come from beautiful style of domestic famous brand, and the LCD product of professional domain also has technology of wide colour gamut normally, the LCD2690WUXi with classical and for instance clinking NEC, for instance art eminent CG241W. Next, we recommend LCD of 6 wide colour gamut for wide readership, price limits from 1000 multivariate ~ 10000 multivariate, the consumer that believes to want to buy LCD can from which the product of wide colour gamut that winkle fits him most.

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