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Interview with senior AOC Monitors: AOC leading e era
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Twelfth high-profile China Hi-Tech Fair (hereinafter referred to "fair") is finally successfully concluded in Shenzhen. This year the fair to "lead the transformation of technology, innovation-driven development" as its theme, the exhibition focuses on the Internet of Things, the new emerging energy and other strategic industries. As a representative of the domestic high-tech enterprises, AOC rates across the board unveiled the new exhibition display equipment to forward-looking design and leading edge technology for the participants demonstrated the future of display technology avant-garde concept. In this meeting, AOC 15 video products on display are mostly from the AOC studio's latest concept models, covering the monitor, LCD TV, three different computer-one video product line. This 15 products, including LCD TV with 3, 8 LCD monitor, a 65-inch display and 3 sets of billboards integrated computer, one of the most eye-catching 3D, touch, network access, auto-sensing, ultra-thin design avant-garde technology, embodies the future direction of video product upgrades. With the "ever more exciting" brand concept of deepening, AOC continue to break through the innovative video products, to provide users with excellent viewing time, brilliant viewing experience and the wonderful view of life. In this high cross at, AOC video products and 3D, touch, network access, automatic sensors and other high technology integration, but also on behalf of its features is greatly toward the great entertainment of the direction and development so as a visual extension of telecommunications products and focus for the user to create high-tech, high-quality, high visual enjoyment of life. After the meeting, AOC Monitors, director of marketing planning department and from Mr. Duan Wenxue product manager for Taiwan, Mr. Wu Jiting AOC Monitors accepted our interview, the display on the current market conditions and trends next year, AOC status in the market conditions and the future direction of development, and some products of the issues in depth communication.
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