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Emphasize NEC of energy-saving environmental protection newest 26 liquid crystal
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[PCPOP video channel On August 19 dispatch] regarding global head as the paragraph also is at the same time up to now LCD——NEC LCD2690WUXi of 25.5 most doughty inches of wide screen is a perfect LCD almost, and this product also becomes country many top class have a fever of class player love. Say candidly, NEC LCD2690WUXi price has comparatived honest and kind, but considering national condition, the price of this product cannot be accepted by most consumer as before.

Emphasize energy-saving environmental protection

A few days ago, we learn from foreign website, NEC rolls out newest money LCD of 25.5 inches of wide screen, model is EA261WM, one of characteristic with this the oldest product use low power comsumption of green environmental protection to design namely, this product did not use any harmful material, and no matter be,pack, producer type passed strict control. Respect of energy-saving environmental protection, ecoMode mode can change the brightness of screen automatically according to the environment, in order to achieve energy-saving goal.

Performance side, NEC EA261WM has 1920×1200 completely high-definition resolution, highest brightness is 400 lumen, can inspect angle to be 170/170° , contrast is 1000:1, fixed position wants than top class LCD2690WUXi low rank much, nevertheless price hopeful is 534 dollars only however, official price still is less than latter 1/3.

Although face plate attribute is H-IPS wide perspective no longer, but the actual strength with abundant NEC gets a proof already, compare congener product and character, the price of NEC EA261WM wants a few more tallish, but the integral performance of this product still is worth to expect, further information, pay close attention to pleaseChannel of hubble-bubble net LCD.

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