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Wall Display: Great new life to experience the game series of fine displays GOLF
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With the touch phones, tablet PCs increasingly popular, the field of human-computer interaction is also experiencing a variety of innovative first to landing of the mounting of the environment. Multi-touch technology and entertainment games together, absolutely put it down. Whether browsing the current popular hot happy network, or run the classic "Zombies", so we understand the fun of multi-touch, touch screen advantage is obvious. "Screen" to the heart of the fingertips Wall GOLF series uses multi-touch display technology, which is the human-computer interaction technology and hardware devices together to achieve the technology. It is not popular traditional input devices (such as: mouse, keyboard, etc.) in the case, with your fingers can operate the computer system, to achieve the purpose of human-computer interaction. Embodiment is more intuitive to think of the Great Wall GOLF a giant version of the iPad or iPhone 4, after all, 23.6 inches in the "body" Even in the display products are also very prominent. The display for game players like the desktop is simply a boon, since products with a resistive screen and the advantages of capacitive screen, no matter the skin surface or use a finger nail, touch, sensitive and accurate operation can. These features allow players to operate, "Zombies" or "Werewolf: The Curse of Pandora," when the "hand" to channel into. Since direct control of the hand game that allows players greater sense of control, throwing the keyboard and mouse in addition to the "bound" to enhance the game experience to a new level. In addition, this display uses LED-backlit LCD panel, with a 5ms response time, up to 5000000:1 dynamic contrast ratio and 1920 × 1080 Full HD resolution, so the game screen is more delicate, layered clear, effective way to boost the game's visual effects. "Means" point country speak their minds In addition to games, activities essential to daily forum, happy network, all networks, micro-blog is essential. Increasingly popular as microblogging, made in the above daily mood diary and new to a few young people nowadays have become a habit. IPhone Development with meager? Screen is too small, especially the fingers, users often had thick misuse; issued laptop computers in the home? Keyboard and mouse simultaneously tiring. Or use the "super Tablet PC" - Great Wall GOLF hair of yours! IPhone touch input not only flexible, there are more than "books" more superior big screen. 23.6 inches screen with a physical keyboard is similar enough to call a virtual keyboard, so the user can input various types of flexible and accurate information to let you in the virtual world at will "means" point of country. University of the concept of time we have a tradition: talented woman will be ugly. However, this concept must be changed today, there are some on campus are now knowledgeable beautiful girl. This should be extended to the Great Wall GOLF, equally convincing. This monitor not only performance, more worthy of my colleagues described their appearance. The overall design is very beautiful, the product by adding a "symbol" of the design - GOLF. Curve has a beautiful natural bent flat metal stent, from the side view, it is like a golf club, established on the ground ready to swing, not only full of high recreational tastes, there are quite a momentum. And this "club style stand" is not only the role of aesthetics, and its overall design with no base, can achieve a large tilt angle adjustment, a more comfortable user-touch operation, reducing the burden of lifting the arm for a long time . This design not only convenient for individual users, while a number of business meetings, public display can also have a very good play, expanded its scope of application. So the Great Wall GOLF described as "fair without, Fairview which" the.
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