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20 per exposure history the mainstream 24-inch monitor recommended the lowest
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Live in the "no entertainment would not be happy" era, everyone is looking for entertainment or other entertainment. Day, as always, always pale, though the real plain, we treat it as boring. Not know how contented the truth, just about everyone's bones really do not want such a quiet and long. Buried in the hearts of those who are afraid of small factors are lonely and uneasy beat ...... Display in the current market, the 24-inch display manufacturers and consumers are often given such a "mass entertainment" spirit. Because of these high-end models of entertainment at the same time both the price performance and reasonable, so the first choice for many recreational users. No matter which brand, a great 24-inch display for the young family as deadly weapons. Recommended mainstream brand 24-inch LCD Liquid crystal display in which the different roles, their functions will certainly be different. As the "entertainment age," one of the new members have to buy liquid crystal tips, for most families, the price should not be those who buy the most important issue to be considered, following the writer's carefully selected five 24-inch LCD, recent prices are a lot of minor, see if you can match your home criteria. AOC 2430V is a 24-inch widescreen LCD display, from AOC is the famous "Lord of the Rings" series. 2430V LCD appearance followed the design style of the series, but the performance is in the performance favorably. At present 1,220 yuan offer, but also set a 24-inch LCD monitor record low prices. In addition to the chic look beyond extraordinary, AOC's 2430V LCD monitor the performance of the performance is very good. 30000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, 2ms response time, greyscale, full HD resolution and dual-interface design, it can be fun to meet the diverse needs of users. AOC's 2430V follow the "Lord of the Rings" series-style design. Black piano process, control buttons and power button integrated into a radio button, giving the overall feeling of beautiful fashion. Performance, AOC's 2430V owner of 30000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, 2ms response time, D-Sub and DVI-D interfaces. Equipped with a 1920 × 1080, can be the perfect support for full HD viewing. Samsung P2450H is a player capable of supporting full HD 24-inch LCD screen, from Samsung's new "stunning" series, it has a noble appearance qualities. Configure the powerful performance of entertainment content for many users whom echocardiography. P2450H LCD latest offer for 1680 yuan. In addition to appearance is still gorgeous design by Samsung, the Samsung P2450H performance in performance is also very good. It is equipped with 70000:1 dynamic contrast ratio and 2ms response time, in the same product in a high-end design. The HDMI interface to add, so this LCD Full HD capabilities and entertainment to the extreme. Samsung LCD P2450H reached 70000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, in addition to gray response time of 2ms, and the perfect support for full HD 1920 × 1080 resolution. In the interface area, P2450H using the D-Sub and DVI-D dual interface, but also provide HDMI interface. In addition, Samsung P2450H also provides audio output interface. Very aspects of the user.
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