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Lowest only 1099! SamSung exceeds low wide screen twice to appear on the market
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[PCPOP video channel On August 27 dispatch] the diving as LCD price, the 20 吋 wide screen of 1000 yuan of class and 1299 yuan 22 吋 wide screen had come on stage in succession, although this kind of product does not have too luxuriant exterior and luxurious function, but not little advantage is had in comparing the low market in high proportion sales volume by right of size price. And to brands of many a gleam of, the product that has implicit price advantage does not calculate really see more, the issue that SamSung shows here is highlighted particularly. Even if is the 943NW of 19 吋 wide screen with price lowest highest sales volume, quote still maintains in 1100 yuan of above, with the low of many brands 19 wide price difference are as high as 200 yuan. And because feel a lot of blame such as key-press,low cost is designed, depreciating is not best marketing procedures.

Lowest only 1099! SamSung exceeds low wide screen twice to appear on the market

Rolled out a quote to be 913NW of 1099 yuan 19 吋 wide screen only for this SamSung, it faces more pursuit low estimated industry user, the price that has relative advantage also makes his be expert at estate market is more competitive, and the newest quote according to 943NW, LCD continues the price of the trend of tone price and 19 吋 wide screen goes in light of situation, the price hopeful of 913NW under 1000 yuan, at the appointed time the phenomenon that 943NW replaces market of industry of G19W unify SamSung also will produce change, 913NW will make new impulse model.

913NW has 5000:1dynamic contrast, mould and 43 series difference are very big, key-press also instead blame feels a design, only port is deployed, totle drilling cost wants under 943NW.

Lowest only 1099! SamSung exceeds low wide screen twice to appear on the market

While 913NW of 19 吋 wide screen appears on the market, 2243LN of type of liquid crystal of big screen of a low price also be vividly portrayed, the 2243LNX that appears on the market before is edition of the lacquer that bake, quote at present 1600 yuan, and 2243LN has had 1499 yuan quote exposure, popularize those who become SamSung price lowest at the appointed time model big screen liquid crystal, its dimension is 21.6 吋 , do not support DVI port, face pursuit likewise low estimated consumer, suit the big batch such as company, Internet bar to buy machine user. When the plan of choose and buy that notes so that this year 943NW of the beginning of the year becomes many Internet bar owner, its price also is likewise 1400 multivariate.
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