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Ming Jihong Han Qing: LCD takes next China inside two years the first
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Say through round of can acuteness in high-level personnel is adjusted, bright base Chinese sale headquarters begins to march to new target below the guiding that holds the post of general manager Hong Hanqing newly.

Save media coverage according to our country Taiwan, on August 14, 2008, hong Hanqing expresses to include aggrandizement the video business of the whole China market that Taiwan saves inside, strive for 2008 AOC is replaced to make the market before the end of the year the 2nd, and to 2009, bright base should surmount SamSung electron, make the first brand of Chinese video market.

Bright base the personage confirmed afore-mentioned informations related Chinese sale headquarters, point out bright base had begun to undertake adjustment from 3 respects.

Above all, bright base the character that will devote oneself to to promote monitor the product in order to reduce a series of the cost after carry out. Completing brand and acting work professional work after breaking up, bright base BenQ is searching new acting class actively partner, amount to besides world of beautiful of ” of “ sister brother besides, only coronal (EMC) , group achieve (Innolux) and Guan Jie science and technology (TPV) the manufacturer that has made BenQ brand video etc.

Next, in promotion product quality while handpick product line, the market competition ability of aggrandizement brunt product. The acting industry strategy of much supplier conduces to bright base control cost, and the friend with one of factories of before the whole world 3 big face plate amounts to photoelectricity (AUO) affinity conduces to bright base obtain what taste newly to send advantage and definite cost advantage first.

Finally, undertake adjustment to having after service policy, through new service acceptance and service system improve an user to experience, attract more consumer preference bright base monitor, the system of new after service after adjusting will be announced to the market at the near future.

Ming Jihong Han Qing: LCD takes next China inside two years the first
Bright base BenQ is in 16:9LCD market obtains wide screen to send an advantage first

2008 second half of the year, bright base advocate push 16:9The LCD of norms, 18.5 inches of first machine are planted G900HD is less than a week to accuse carry out to use up namely to market hind with be not worth 1000 yuan price to push, 21.5 inches of completely high-definition machine are planted E2200HDA also has begun to spread money, at present channel feedbacks perfectly.

To promote a product competition ability further, bright base still plan to roll out T2200HD of 21.5 inches of when replace HDMI interface with DVI completely high-definition LCDs, with the high tax rate that avoid HDMI interface brings.
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