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Have price war after all! SamSung new fund 19 broad exposure
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Recently, the 19 吋 of new fund that a model appeared to be 913NW on civilian in SamSung monitor net are wide screen type, this is from SamSung general 43 departments locate lowest carries series hind, the newest introduction model that introduce, name from model on in light of, the fixed position of this machine wants absolutely under 43 departments, perhaps this is SamSung gave priority to the market of tone to roll out assault type to coordinate near future price war.

Have price war after all! SamSung new fund 19 broad exposure
Elementary course of SamSung new fund 913NW of 19 吋 wide screen

This machine is 16:1The wide screen type of 0, resolution 1440×900, brightness 1000:1 of 300 lumen, contrast(DC 5000:1) , deploy onefold D-Sub interface, support wide hold / scale switch of Pu Bing adjusts.

From the point of the exterior graph that gives off at present, this machine uses common key-press design, this should compare 43 departments feeling key-press cost is low, and be mixed from the mould of the exterior roughly in light of material simple sense, the 19 吋 wide screen that this machine is end of lowest of a SamSung absolutely.

Near future SamSung 943NW of 19 吋 wide screen has appeared the market throws money, and the price is low breathtaking, this has by SamSung before style, with this we beforehand appraise the movement that this is channel business. Sufferred effect of etc of control of Olympic Games traffic in August, the normal shipment of SamSung monitor already endured correlation, and after the Olympic Games ends, remained a few days in August, as in August of the task oppressive, valence protected in September entice and the agitate that the task reachs award, near future low throws money will be advocate tone, and of 943NW throw money in great quantities, of indicative also 913NW be about to appear on the market, it is not certain also that this machine can reach 999 yuan price probably in September.

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