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Editor authority forecasts: 22 吋 wide screen is about to drop defeat 1000 yuan
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Embellish of ● every monthly interest evaporates nearly 400 million! Factory of liquid crystal face plate very get hurt

Before long, LCD of a 15 吋 needs 3000 multivariate

Before long, must bear that overstaffed and cumbersome CRT monitor

Before long, imagine 17 吋 LCD to be able to drop defeat 1000 yuan

Before long, ……

Gave us too much surprise 2008, not only 19 吋 wide screen drops defeat 1000 yuan, also enter even 20 吋 wide screen 1000 yuan of less than, and this follows our the beginning of the year beforehand the conservative view photograph that appraise can buy 15.6 吋 wide hold 999 yuan goes very far. Anyway, CRT can desertion completely, need not bear the body of its overstaffed and weight again.

Nevertheless as price of LCD face plate go low continuously, we cannot be satisfied at 999 yuan 19 吋 wide screen, cannot satisfy 999 yuan 20 吋 wide screen even, perhaps 999 yuan buy the ultimate goal that 22 吋 wide screen just is the near future. The resolution of 1680×1050 of 22 吋 wide screen, the proper place of 0.282mm is apart from and the large size of moderate, it is to undertake handling official bussiness, get online, recreation the perfect type of all sorts of application, and this norms type enters 1000 yuan inside, indicative LCD gains ground enter a new level, also make we realise LCD market has comparatived mature at the same time. We are taking 22 吋 wide screen when to drop below defeat 1000 yuan this doubt, combinative market is everybody analytic this problem ……

Editor authority forecasts: 22 吋 wide screen is about to drop defeat 1000 yuan
DisplaySeach LCD face plate quoted on August 20

It is bad stuff of affairs of human life really, pocket earn roused manufacturer of liquid crystal face plate 2007, bold forecast market situation is auspicious 2008, supply liquid crystal TV to use face plate from the small size face plate such as mobile phone, Netbook, can have bigger demand, this also lets middle reaches manufacturer shift to an earlier date in succession stock up, in order to answer coming wild demand, whose makings appeared however 2008 global economy is fatigued and weak, and home is successive two big natural and man-made disaster, cause not little effect to market demand, TV of casing of photograph of mobile phone, number, LCD, liquid crystal begins to had appeared from March demand is fatigued and weak evidence, liquid crystal face plate also begins to go gradually from the hopeful situation before drop, begin to appear to erupt greatly till July ……
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