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SamSung of HDMI TV function is new 24 吋 liquid crystal is exclusive exposure
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[PCPOP video channel On August 25 dispatch] spend highest monitor brand as attention, samSung 2008 advocate LCD of hit series of “ peerlessly beautiful ” believes great majority reader won't unfamiliar, arrive from T220, T240 T260, almost each peerlessly beautiful LCD is arrived at sell a metropolis by frenzied consumer scare buying one sky.

SAMSUNG SyncMaster T240HD

But must admit a bit, samSung is peerlessly beautiful the function of series is very drab, support DVI or HDMI number interface and HDCP agreement merely, series of peerlessly beautiful LCD does not support a level to choose to perhaps rise fall the function. Perhaps SamSung also considered this, small a few days ago make up discover from foreign website, what SamSung rolls out to use classical exterior of “ peerlessly beautiful ” to design again is new taste LCD of 24 inches of wide screen, model is T240HD.


SamSung T240HD is a multimedia LCD of 24 inches of wide screen, the function is quite perfect, deploy interface of common DVI, D-Sub not only besides, still support what HDMI number interface and economic value still consider new generation pretty good (the XBOX360 of old version is usable) interface of off color heft.

However, the characteristic with SamSung the biggest T240HD is however inside buy TV function, in other words, this product also is a TV of 24 inches of liquid crystal. Tomorrow, this station will be displayed solely on the deepness of SamSung T240HD is analytic article, we will show the square side side that concerns this product at the appointed time wide readership, ask broad netizen of Suo Dingming dayChannel of hubble-bubble net LCD(Http:// .

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