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The government affirms SamSung two 16:9Liquid crystal end appeared on the market
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In 16:9Before reform spring tide comes, each brand already exposure not little 16:9Wide screen liquid crystal display, give priority to with HD of 18.5 吋 , 21.5 吋 , 24 吋 and FHD LCD among them, and be in earlier the factory of upriver face plate before, also had had amount to 7, 8 different specifications are different the 16:9 of dimensionFace plate comes on stage. Hubble-bubble net got authoritative information again recently, samSung was rolled out August, also be the two LCDs model that 8 years second half of the year basically popularizes already affirmatory, the 933SW that is 18.5 吋 then and the 2343 series of 23 吋 .

The government affirms

2343 series of 23 吋 are in SamSung SamSung government and TCO attestation once had appeared 2343NW, 2343BW and 2343BWX, distinction depends on the interface, lacquer that bake respectively and TCO attestation. And recently again and again of exposure is 2343BWX, its use design of the complete lacquer that bake, deploy interface of DVI, D-SUB, 20000:1Dynamic contrast, the Full HD face plate of 1920×1080.

The government affirms

Because hubble-bubble net crosses SamSung 16:9 early with respect to exposure23 吋 face plate, so the face plate of 2343BWX also no longer mysterious, it is SamSung LTM230HT01, if 2343BWX can appear on the market this month, look former the face plate that plans 4 season magnanimity to produce also has shifted to an earlier date.

Abandon norms of other face plate to SamSung of short duration and roll out the 23 吋 LCD that is different from common, the government gave out such explanation: Of FHD 21.5, dot of 21.6 吋 wide screen has been been apart from small, and the FHD face plate of 23 吋 wide screen solved this one problem, the dot of moderate is apart from suit most person to use more.

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