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Sales volume target turns over septuple! Strange beauty will pound mainland mark
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Because 5.5 acting lines are on 19 wide screen and face plate of 22 wide screen,have congenital cut advantage, approbate plus what these two dimension get numerous manufacturer praise highly and customer, the strange beauty of one is in Shuang Huzhi of Taiwan face plate the 7 brilliant level that experienced unusual year after year, face plate sales volume and brand acknowledge are spent climb successively litre. In mainland market, as successful as the coronal nimble group of count as one of the best of monitor sales volume collaboration also is Rangjimeiru more Mu Chunfeng. The station says on the footing of downstream user, had the 19 wide screen of strange beauty and face plate of 22 wide screen just about, just let price of more “ tall sex have the land of base oneself upon than ” monitor brand, the customer that makes more impoverished used liquid crystal display of the 19 吋 wide screen of overflow and 22 吋 wide screen.

Sales volume target turns over septuple! Strange beauty will pound mainland market
8 years shipment of strange beautiful face plate is measured

The success of strange of course beauty is returned not only hereat, be in bring =7 of finished product of price of tall sex of = of low cost of = of “ cut advantage besides a series of manufacturing sale senses that need ” into above consumer, increasing base the face plate of wide colour gamut of lubricious design, LED is in a poor light the face plate, 22 wide face plate of the 19 wide, FHD of high resolution, 15.6 吋 face plate of HD, 16:9A series of new technologies such as face plate are new before the idea, strange beauty also is the front row that goes in domain of face plate of consumptive level monitor. And after the sales volume increase sharply as liquid crystal TV, its sales volume also has occupied strange beautiful total face plate 4 those who become.

Sales volume target turns over septuple! Strange beauty will pound mainland market
The actor that uses 22 吋 LED face plate of strange beauty sends VLED221wm

Do not cross the backside in operation of success of face plate factory, of strange beauty have monitor brand strange beauty oneself (CHIMEI) the LCD is inferior to person meaning however in the circumstances of mainland market, 7 years annual is in the mainland mere 100 thousand sales volume photograph compares face plate sales volume is rare simply, be not worth the 1/20 of sales volume of AOC monitor month even, face the cake with mainland so big market, in come to even factory of monitor mountain fastness divide those who grab a cup of a thick soup today, surprise doesn't the United States his mind disturbed really?
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