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Magic price! AOC20-inch thin LCD display is only 800 yuan
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Today I will introduce the author is recommended before the AOC E2043F multiple blade series monitors, this display since October has been listed by the customer favorite. The display now through another price adjustment, price was only 800 yuan, and interested friends may wish to focus the next. AOC e2043F white LCD display features a full body design, with a black border, giving the overall feeling of luxury fashion. OSD key product design on the base, very chic. Performance, AOC e2043F used 50 million: 1 dynamic contrast ratio, 5ms response time, D-Sub and DVI-D interfaces. Edit Comment: AOC e2043F LED backlit LCD display with a design, its greatest feature is the thickness of the fuselage, just 12.9mm, is the thinnest LED backlit models. In addition, AOC e2043F the price was very close to the people, in the current 20 also has a very high widescreen competitive, ideal for home users to buy.
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