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Inapproachable sex price is more elegant than Ma 19 吋 wide screen falls madly r
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[PCPOP video channel On September 17 dispatch] Ma is elegant the biggest brand characteristic is tall sex price is compared all the time. Concerned as a result of what monitor face plate depreciates recently, the price of a few classical model also appeared substantially reduce, the price is more amiable also. Among them Ma is elegant the price of 19 吋 wide W93D returned 1399 yuan of tall house July going up, the value also did not change all the time. Till recently, the 19 wide screen that this SamSung that contains double port holds face plate formerly fell 999 yuan!

Fall again 100 yuan! 19 吋 Ma is elegant high-powered need 1399 yuan only
Ma elegant W93D

Inapproachable sex price is compared Inapproachable sex price is compared

Basically have on the function:
Control fashion—Self-correcting of mode of 6 kinds of clever eyes, contrast, AUTO.
Adjust function—Chinese menu, VGA/DVI signal switch, brightness, contrast, gamma adjustment, ec mode, dynamic contrast function, colour enhances a function, the window adds bright function, AUTO self-correcting, level / perpendicular position, clock, phasic, colour temperature (SRGB/ cool color is lukewarm / groovy and colour temperature / warm color is lukewarm / 6 primary colors adjust) , OSD level / perpendicular position, OSD time, multilateral language, replacement.

No matter how say, the sexual value that if this is tall,this price still contains is not hotter than doing not have method really sell. If budget of your at hand is not much, this monitor although the exterior flatly, but absolutely and practical. More than have double interface, still have 3000: The dynamic contrast of 1, support HDCP, sexual price is compared absolutely and special.

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