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2500:1Double interface! AOC rub card 17 screen falls 80 yuan
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[PCPOP video channel On September 17 dispatch] AOC 177V is a 17 吋 screen. Although this product arrived last year, and the face defeats the situation of 1000 to 19 wide prices, 17 吋 must be more help the price. But nowadays on market 17 than of 19 expensive also be a fact, not be model taking an amount after all, besides 177V also is screen monitor. Now the price from 1230 drop 1150 yuan, also calculate satisfied a few special purpose, perhaps do not like wide screen the budget is bought more not quite 19 the crowd of screen. The product supports DCR and DCB technology, dynamic contrast to achieve 2000:1.

1230 yuan
AOC 17 inch liquid crystal 177V

AOC 177V supports technology of DCR, DCB

Be located in V series overflow surely model 177V continue to use the “ with classical AOC rub exterior of card ” style, use polishing type design all over, elegant and do not break vogue. At the same time of 5ms answer time, 1000:1the colour expression that static contrast and technology of DCB vivid colour also are 177V graces many.

AOC 177V uses double interface configuration

If consumer special if caring about 17 inches of DVI number interface, LCDs that want to have a higher standards, might as well consider. 1150 yuan price returns those who have little scope to glide probably space, but be based on it to contain DVI interface and advanced vivid colour technology, make this monitor experience long cover is new. At present 17 is having a gleam of in screen of the norms such as this it is almost 0, small now make up beside use this video, also be there are plenty of such people.
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