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Raise price storm! King of AOC person energy of life 19 wide screen 930 yuan
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[PCPOP video channel On September 16 dispatch] although 22, 24 吋 monitor has made the new trend that family expenses monitor develops stage by stage, but low to more estimated for user of in residence student, have price advantage, and the 19 吋 monitor with relatively reasonable dimension is absolutely still be first selection. And in numerous the product that exterior of the gather in 19 吋 wide screen and sexual price compare is not king of AOC person energy of life 913Fw of 19 吋 wide screen not is belonged to, newest quote lets a person be surprised again, make work only 930 yuan, look of monitor of 19 broad main trends go situation want impendent 900 yuan.

Honest too beautiful
The 913Fw of the white money of MM first selection

Honest too beautiful
The 913Fw of classical black money

In the liquid crystal display of 19 吋 wide screen that is not worth 1000 yuan nowadays in fact, the product that has so conspicuous design also has 913Fw only at present. The exterior design that has distinguishing feature alone and the price that have allure quite are depended on before, the sales volume in the market does not reside 913Fw high all the time to fall. If buy the user of machine newly to consider price of give attention to two or morethings, exterior and performance, 913Fw is the choice that has exceeded undoubtedly, after all its still support 3000:1dynamic contrast technology. Exclusive inadequacy is support of only only port, 930 yuan value is fair nevertheless more convincing, especially white money suits MM first selection.

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