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Fall madly nearly 300 yuan! Bright base the mainstream 22 wide screen 1380 yuan
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[PCPOP video channel On September 16 dispatch] go up in the 22 吋 wide screen that makes family expenses main trend at present, bright fund is belonged to model G2200W of male G series, this is afterwards 7 years the 7th after G2110W is being rolled out before second half of the year rolls out G700A of metal mold male series, G900A, G900WA, G2000W, G2400W and a month is the same as series product. Recently it had again exceed low quoted price 1380 yuan, fully closer than falling at the beginning of last month 300 yuan.

Minimum price of a gleam of! Bright base will roll out new fund 22 吋 wide screen
Bright base G2200W

G2200W needs 1380 yuan only and supportive 2000:1dynamic contrast and 4:3/ 16:10 scale switch, and offer bright base colour of Senseye Photo setting is optimized, still contain double port, more rich on the function. Come so besides the AOC 210V that is old model together, bright base the 22 吋 wide screen that G2200W can be lowest of the price in brand of a gleam of.

1650 yuan! Bright base 22 wide double interface fall freezing point add again 1650 yuan! Bright base 22 wide double interface fall freezing point add again

What differ with the G2110W of 21.6 wide screen that appears on the market before two months nevertheless is, g2200W did not use design of exterior of the lacquer that bake, the outward appearance of it and G900WA and G2000W is same. After predicting to be cleared away in FP222W end goods, g2200W will replace FP222W to become bright base model of n/COL the head of a family high sales volume.

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