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USB is photographed like the head! 22 吋 of series of China large VK are wide sc
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[PCPOP video channel On September 17 dispatch] the high-quality goods of a LCD that Hua Shuo VK222U regards Hua Shuo as, appear on the market to pay close attention to and be approbated with respect to what caused many netizens. This shows people internally buy photographs the LCD of function resembling a head to still be valued quite. Last month today, its price still wanders in 1899 yuan of place, now the day is taken this 1.3 million photograph the mainstream that resembles a head to consume type to make work only like element 1730 yuan. The belt that is located in the mainstream to consume the market surely is photographed resemble a 22 wide VK222U, price of this price sex is compared now not low really.

Buy is photographed inside like the head! China large new edition 22 wide screen are about to appear on the market
Mainstream of fixed position of ——VK222U of 22 inches of wide screen consumes China large new fund the market

The exterior of Hua Shuo VK222U is very beautiful, of pure black exceed narrow frame, draw a frame round of a metal still was led below ASUS, OSD key-press still is contained above, this design is belonged to on whole video market do sth unconventional or unorthodox. Base circle is firm, especially the openly top of the product still contains high end 1.3 million photograph like element like the head, satisfy you to chat daily absolutely, video, take a picture requirement, also discharged sheet to deserve to photograph those who resemble a head is trival, need not readjust angle.

Buy 130W is photographed inside like the head A month falls 500
Inside buy 1.3 million photograph like element design like head and distinctive OSD key-press

A month falls 500
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