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8000:1Feeling key-press SamSung bakes lacquer 19 wide fall 100 yuan
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[PCPOP video channel On September 17 dispatch] SamSung 943NWX regards exterior of a 19 wide lacquer that bake as monitor, not only have super- narrow frame design, concise and easy beautiful, still have popular feeling key-press, 8000: The dynamic contrast of 1. Of only a blemish in an otherwise perfect thing is to support only port style only, fortunately the price fell from 1270 yuan again now 1160 yuan, make this type continues to sell well the video market at introductory class.

Contain the SamSung 943NWX that feels key-press

Be as high as 8000: The dynamic contrast of 1

Though this monitor still should have,depreciate certainly space, and the price with a lot of 19 wide 吋 also has helped the price to the bottom line. But because X series all used the Qi Cai that bake,pledge, did not prevail on the price. Regard mainstream of a gleam of as popular model, depreciate extent should not very big, believing 1100 yuan value also should be its bottom line. Odd from 943NWX beautiful in light of beautiful exterior, its a bit does not lose the elegant lasting appeal in machine of high-end family expenses, the exterior that rich burnish feels has the allure that comparative. On norms, 943NWX still supports scale to shrink to put and time involve machine function, can say besides support D-SUB imitate port only besides, 943NWX broke through the commonplace pattern of mainstream product completely, and because only port makes its price more cheap, pardonable the person that it can become the king in type of introduction of pop chart of SamSung sales volume.

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