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Performance is outstanding! Actor is sent 19 wide beautiful beautiful crystal de
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[PCPOP video channel On September 16 dispatch] from shoe of actor clique crystal VX1962wmp of 19 吋 wide screen appears on the market since, be designed by right of the appearance that has distinguishing feature alone and not the favour that the norms index of common gained many fashionable family users. And before the “ that before long 22 吋 crystal shoe also made shake day falls continuously the semaphore of 600 yuan of ” , see crystal shoe or suffer consumer gay series quite. In light of the information that feedbacks from the businessman, many customer that are about to buy 19 吋 wide hold prefer the exterior of VX1962wmp, upright to go up at the market the like a rising wind and scudding clouds of the price, at present VX1962wmp renounced the value that stand high above the masses as much, newest price makes work only 1300 yuan.

The shock jumps floor price! Actor sends VX1962wm to make work only 1680 yuan
Actor sends 19 吋 crystal shoe VX1962wm

Exceed beautiful exterior

Actor sends VX1962wm is the first product that crystal shoe series appears on the market, clipper-built airframe collocation bakes Qi Cai to pledge, let overall appearing is decorous and chic very. Besides the high resolution that supports 1680×1050, still have not the ash of the norms ——2ms of common rank answer time, 6000:1dynamic contrast technology, inside buy support SRS HD surrounds the multimedia sound box of digital sound effect, use configuration of double interface of DVI, D-SUB, support HDCP agreement, pass Vista advanced attestation. The model that considers integral grace, steady do manual work, excellent performance and infrequent high resolution, integral sex price is compared still is relatively pretty good, the reader that have fun at mights as well go selling look.

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