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Innovate again low AOC overflow 22 吋 wide 210V only 1280
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[PCPOP video channel On September 17 dispatch] AOC product it may be said is unusually hot this year, high end has demon give up, zinc in farsighted. Still AOC 210V regards the sales volume superhigh of introductory class as type of 22 吋 monitor, the price is 1280 yuan now. The mainstream character that it holds dynamic contrast by ask for an advance on one's pay, not the exterior design of common and exceed low price, many friends plan to move to buy this product all round the author.

Shake absolutely
AOC 210V

Shake absolutely Shake absolutely
Technology of set limit to of supportive DCR, DCB and countless attestation

To a 22 wide LCD, it is the AOC 210V for brand of a gleam of for, 1280 yuan price can make you enchanted absolutely, enchanted be inferior to the action, believe this monitor will surely sweep agitation of a scare buying. After all this price or too shook, product of a gleam of contains double port again, support HDCP, the technology such as DCR, DCB also is not an empty hole invites the wind-weakness lends wings to rumors, it is solid make real material benefit.

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