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The first deepness of domestic is analytic 16:9Value of new standards LCD
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It is face plate cut not just more economic —— talks 16:9New standards LCD uses a dominant position

Well-known, in the whole world friend amounts to supplier of face plate of the biggest liquid crystal (AUO) with brand of a gleam of bright base (BenQ) lead, 16:9New standards LCD makes current IT field most one of central points that get attention, already obtained quite positive result. 16:9 is concerned on the netThe controversy of new standards LCD emerges in endlessly, although most netizen is right 16:9Expect extremely, but as before many readers think 16:9Because,be only face plate cut more economy, real significance is not great, is actual condition really such?

The first deepness of domestic
BenQ is 16:9 undoubtedlyThe guide of new standards LCD (the graph is BenQ M2400HD)

Must admit, do all one can of factory of face plate of each big liquid crystal popularizes 16:9New standards LCD has face plate cut really more economic element is in within, this are in early last month of compose of channel of hubble-bubble net LCD " 16:9 of monitor of price of 1080p Chinese cabbageFace plate deepness is analytic " had said in the article. But, in face plate cut more economic backside, 16:9Itself of new standards LCD also has boundless value, and the purpose of the article is 16:9The applied value of new standards LCD shows wide readership.

The first deepness of domestic
Global head money 21.5 inches of completely high-definition LCD——BenQ E2200HD
PCPOP opens to booking mobile price to be 1699 yuan, pay close attention to top of buy of forum of hubble-bubble net LCD please

Discussion 16:9Before new standards LCD, channel of hubble-bubble net LCD and BenQ company hold the whole world together the first 21.5 inches of LCDs open to booking an activity, open to booking the price to be 1699 breathtaking yuan, that is to say the netizen needs expenditure to be less than 1700 yuan to be able to enjoy Full HD only completely high-definition brought shock result, mobile detail reads please read: " open to booking 1699 Yuan Mingji completely high-definition LCD still does not grab 22 吋 " , believe to read this article, you are met to this activity more have fun at.
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