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Professional instrument shows riverside of body flying benefit most evaluation o
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● hubble-bubble net together metric and scientific academy, evaluate 190CW8 of flying benefit riverside

June, the form that hubble-bubble net and flying benefit riverside leave a message with draw-out netizen together held “999 yuan the sales promotion activity that buys ” of 190CW8 white edition, and the official beauty of 190CW8 was released that month pursue beautiful (the United States gets beautiful graph of LCD of white of riverside of stifling flying benefit to admire analyse) . Regard an amount to as not much white exterior LCD, the appearance with attractive 190CW8 attracted many netizen heat to judge really, also many netizens were taken an active part in last 999 yuan buy the sales promotion activity of machine, because quota of people is very finite,be only, miss the netizen that participates in lottery activity last to be able to continue to be in so an evaluation is medium active comment, because 999 yuan buy the comment having reward of machine,the activity still is undertaking!

Professional instrument shows a body

Throw award do not say, as price of a sex compares extremely tall flying benefit riverside nowadays n/COL the head of a family type, probably also many netizens care his whether look impressive but worthless, in depreciate while function whether somewhat shrink? Hubble-bubble net is everybody today the true evaluation data of edition of exposure 190CW8 white.

Professional instrument shows a body
Social status the PR670 of 200 thousand

Belong to fixed position family expenses as the CW series of flying benefit riverside model brunt type, have public praise quite all the time to 220CW8 from black 190CW8, just as price of product line of 19 吋 wide screen reduce, 190CW8 just adjusts the price that has allure so. About performance side, although hubble-bubble net once was aimed at black edition 190CW8 to had undertaken evaluating, but evaluate data without accurate major all the time. And this hubble-bubble net again together academy of Chinese metric science, use social status the Photo Research PR-670 SpectraScan Colorimeter of 200 thousand (luminosity of much diaphragm spectrum / colorimeter) will undertake professional data is evaluated.
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