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Than 943NW more overflow SamSung new fund try out of 19 吋 wide screen
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19 吋 wide screen is new round price war has erupted, AOC, beautiful case has issued the standard what wide screen of a 19 吋 hits 999 yuan avowedly to exceed low, enough replaces CRT, make video of masses all-pervading mainstream. And brand of other a gleam of is fast also follow-up, samSung has fallen the 943NW of the cheapest 19 吋 wide screen below the banner reach 1299 yuan, as it is said the SamSung G19W of a few areas has fallen reach 1199 yuan, price war is hit very violently.

Than 943NW more overflow
SamSung 19 吋 “ is dark 933BW of sweet ” LCD already appeared on the market

Besides there is 943NW to be being maintained in price war forefront, samSung still has follow-up power on product line of 19 吋 wide screen, the “ that the near future appears on the market is dark model of sweet ”33 series, will be apart from certainly with 43 departments type, make another kind of choice.

Than 943NW more overflow
The arc with SamSung 933BW beautiful hemline

SamSung “ is dark model of sweet ”33 series, name in model go up to regard a number as coda with “33“ , be like 933BW of 19 吋 wide screen. Peerlessly beautiful ” of the exterior of this series model and SamSung “ has the likeness of 70% to spend, because the mould of its front and “ are peerlessly beautiful,this basically is ” has same share, it is numerous user those who prefer is fruity and flowing model, hemline is having beautiful arc and transparent Yakeli.

As SamSung 933BW appear on the market, we also took the evaluation prototype of this machine, pass try out one time, the author takes his experience share with everybody.

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