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Auspicious price 888 yuan of Great Walls 18.5 吋 16:9Liquid crystal exposure
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[PCPOP video channel On September 5 dispatch] 2999 yuan V247, 1999 yuan M247 and 999 yuan M99, greatWall (Great Wall monitor) the part of ” of the again and again is appropriative “ price butcher, and the 16:9 that is about to eruptNew-style LCD also became …… of the fetch below the knife of GreatWall

Auspicious price 888 yuan
GreatWall first 16:9Norms LCD ——M915

GreatWall M915 is 18.5 inches of 16:9New standards LCD, from the point of industrial design, m915 exterior design is contracted and do not break resolute, accord with the demand of practical personage. It is reported, greatWall M915 can appear very quickly in each to sell greatly in field, had not appeared on the market this product explodes the shock value that gave 888 yuan, price butcher shows killer instinctive quality again.

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