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16:9Fight in the van is about to appear on the market 6 times LCD is comprehensi
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Editor's note Began March from this year, “ of mainstream LCD market falls sound a ” , arrive greatly 25.5 inches of wide screen, small to 17 inches of wide screen, the destiny that all LCD do not escape to depreciate wildly, this also lets LCD of our deep feeling wanted to gain ground thoroughly really. However, many netizens state in feedback right product is not quite much still, the 16:9 that for instance broad netizen expectsRoom of optional of new standards LCD is too little still, the LCD with comprehensive function also does not see more. Enter nevertheless after September, this kind of circumstance perhaps meets some improve, we see the several heavyweight LCD that is about to appear on the market this month.

BenQ E2200HD—— whole world is the earliest 21.5 inches of of exposure completely high-definition LCD, integral performance is driving

Want respecting now people most expected LCD is which, be afraid without more more likely than BenQ E2200HD result. Expect in millions of people under, 16:9 of global head moneyCompletely high-definition LCD——BenQ E2200HDA of 21.5 inches of wide screen takes the lead in appearing on the market with home, case of the market price on its is 1699 yuan only, caused the attention of countless netizens. But the reader with many higher demands however not reconciled to buys the E2200HDA that deploys D-Sub imitate interface only, expect the E2200HD of version of HDMI/DVI/D-Sub complete interface however.

Deploy HDMI
BenQ E2200HD is about to appear on the market

A few days ago, small make up Cong Mingji respect to understand E2200HD already labor force is waited for hair, this product function designs special fastidious. Give distinctive 16:9Length breadth ratio is completely high-definition besides norms, equipment HDMI interface also upgrades to 1.3 version, compatibility promotes considerably with transmission speed, in addition still deploy inside buy sound box, in HDMI line need not outside receive frequency facility, those who experience effect of sound of image of second for generations is convenient.

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