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In September situation still not Anacreontic! Reduction of output of Hua Yingxua
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Begin from July, LCD face plate begins shoot dish, fell in January it is average between 30 dollars of 20 ~ , fall gigantic fact is belonged to infrequent, and to at present the 19W face plate of the mainstream has dropped to 85 dollars, and disclose according to personage of a few messages, video acting shop is the most feebleminded the value replenish onr's stock with 78 dollars, face plate price has been close to cost to drop even broken cost, fall to be met only again luckily two dc tear.

2007 upriver course of study person set out from the angle of the industry, value greatly to the situation 2008, do not cross the oversight of pair of whole world economic situation, let this year forecast weigh all in vain, before the earn basin full earthen bowl of expect is full, and what worry now is how guarantee against lose money in business.

Editor authority forecasts: 22 吋 wide screen is about to drop defeat 1000 yuan
Quote of liquid crystal face plate showed on August 20 cheapen still continueing

Integral demand is fatigued and weak bigger to the influence of factory of face plate of upriver liquid crystal, friend is amounted to, the face plate factory such as strange beauty, LGD, Hua Ying in succession reduction of output, only SamSung, vasting Yu Caijing, group achieve had not seen movement of reduction of output, and range of strange beautiful reduction in production is the biggest, july reduction of output 10% , August 20% , and also was as high as 15% in September, extent of average reduction in production is amounted to 15% . And works of other face plate states reduction of output comes by August, and Hua Yingxuan cloth continued September nowadays reduction of output.

Although factory of each big face plate has cried to depreciated no longer absolutely September greatly, and before the stock that reduction of output also allows industrial chain keep long in stock be able to slow, will have at the beginning of next year nevertheless all can leave prolifically piece, the person that include Han department, stage department and line of business of mainland face plate, and the initiative that these cases can allow monitor brand end is weak to falling produces very big effect. Will see face plate of the fourth quarter answer the possibility that go up at present lesser, basically can appear keep balance or slight dropping trend, and inside still be full of a few variable that cannot forecast temporarily.

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