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Hua Shuo of " of man of this modelling enough " 24 吋 LCD is about to appear on
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[PCPOP video channel On August 19 dispatch] no matter be the VK192T of the BlingBling of BenQ or Hua Shuo, of the fashionable woman with these deep LCD that make for female user only chase after hold in both hands. Before several months, channel of hubble-bubble net LCD with the whole nation the rapiddest rate displays for wide readership on the exterior of LCD——MK241H of first 24 inches of wide screen evaluates Hua Shuo article: " man loves LCD Hua Shuo most outward appearance of first 24 wide screen is evaluated " , in light of the point of view that devises from the exterior, the industry of this product designs ” of man of really enough “ , metallic ability pledges collocation designs a style haly, be afraid the desire to buy of ” of man of big “ of very easy Gou Qian looks.

Male lion howls! China large multimedia exposure of price of 24 liquid crystal
Price of government of Hua Shuo MK241H is 3999 yuan

In light of the information that masters at present from us, hopeful of Hua Shuo MK241H appears on the market this month. Use makings and do manual work costlily, intact standards and doughty function, add Hua Shuo (ASUS) the gold-lettered signboard of international brand, many readers predict MK241H price will exceed 4000 yuan. A few days ago, we get accurate information from China large respect, price of government of Hua Shuo MK241H is 3999 yuan, it is a few cheaper that than expect medium price wants.

Be worth what carry is, in LCD of all 24 inches of wide screen, hua Shuo MK241H is exclusive acceptance the 1st year the type that liquid crystal face plate assures to serve without bad place (protect 3 years character) , the customer that likes LCD of this Hua Shuo need not worry about bit worse problem, other trademark in case buy LCD of 24 inches of when have bad place wide screen, may be more depressed thing. Finally, let us expect Hua Shuo MK241H appears on the market at an early date.

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