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New to shake 2408WFP HP wide colour gamut 24 吋 broad exposure
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[PCPOP video channel On August 18 dispatch] be in early this year June when, channel of hubble-bubble net LCD is exclusive the HP with a newspaper extremely doughty function (HP) the message of LCD——LP2480xz of 24 inches of wide screen: " LED of 30bit face plate is in a poor light HP 24 broad strong exposure " . A few days ago, we learn with the rapiddest rate again HP is newest the message …… of a LCD of 24 inches of wide screen

To shake 2408WFP
HP is newest a LCD——LP2475w of 24 inches of wide screen

What with oneself top class LP2480xz locates DreamColor Laptops differs is, brand-new LCD of 24 inches of HP LP2475w is mainstream of a fixed position wide screen, nevertheless the integral performance of this product still is more pretty good, it is the industrial design of having a unique style above all, it is more outstanding that the level that this exterior designs should say to return. Performance side, HP LP2475w resolution reachs the completely high-definition level of 1920×1200, groovy contrast is 1000:1, colour saturation is as high as 102% .

From the point of the information that masters at present, HP LP2475w price is not cheap, the price will arrive in 459 dollars between 649 yuan of dollars, come so its price and 2408WFP of popular Dai Er will very be identical, concern those who form direct competition at the appointed time, the further information that concerns this product (be like: Face plate attribute) , pay close attention to pleaseChannel of hubble-bubble net LCD.

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