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Strange and strange, car wheel is so only large 32"CRT
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LG electron company shows 31 days, since Feburary 1, will take the lead in rolling out television of number of 32 inches of ultrathin picture tube in the whole world (model: 32FS1D) .

That day, samSung electron company also begins to head Er (Seoul) bazaar of partial general merchandise supplies model of ”(of television of “Vixlim of television of ultrathin picture tube: CT-32Z30HD) . Accordingly, in digital television market, one will spread out to be compared greatly between television of SamSung electron and LG electron, liquid crystal and television of ultrathin picture tube go all out.

The price of television of 32 inches of of LG electron and SamSung electron ultrathin picture tube all is 1.49 million Han yuan, than television of 32 inches of liquid crystal (2.7 million Han Yuan) cheap 100 much Han Yuan.

32 inches of of LG electron ultrathin televisions reduce picture tube length to 352 millimeter from existing 500 millimeter, make the ply of the product reduces 39 centimeters from 60 centimeters thereby.

LG electron expresses, this product is inside buy an organic whole of chip of VSB of television of number of the Five Dynasties television, need not set digital machine additionally to carry a box on the head, can receive 16:9signal of word of fast picture prime number, handled ” of chip “XD engine to because digital signal loses by force,be solved successfully through image deviation and appearing picture is inscribed questioningly.

SamSung electron respect says, the product ply of the Vixlim television of SamSung electron and LG electron is same, used improvement to draw qualitative digital nature video technology (DNIe) , tackle element of cream-colored of technical “ accept through picture tube image (Nano Pigment)” , make brightness achieves 800nits, contrast achieves 500:1, can show natural color.

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